Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Phra Buttho (Buddha)

Our Price : $208SGD (SOLD)
Name : Phra Buttho (Buddha)
Amulet Code : AT0011
Material : Old Amulets, Holy Powder, Luxi Amulets
Made by : Archan Kitsubani

Details of products:
This is an amulet showing a Buddha sitting down doing mediation. It represents peace and harmony. Archan Kitsubani uses the old amulets, holy powder and luxi amulets as the main ingredients.
Master made only one Phra Buttho for this batch. And had been well blessed for a very long period of time already.
With this Buddha amulet, you will definitely be smooth in your life for everything you do. And it will protect you against evils and “dirty things”, also you will also gain support from your friends and families.

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