Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gourd Pita (葫芦)

Our Price : $168SGD
Name : Gourd Pita (葫芦)
Amulet Code : AT0010
Material : Holy Powder, Flower Powder (花粉) and Old Amulets
Made by :
Archan Kitsubani

Details of products:
This is a RARE pita from Archan Kitsubani. It shows a shape of a Hu-Lu (葫芦)Nowadays it is very hard to find such rare and unique pita from others amulet‘s shop in Singapore!!!Master makes use of the holy powder, flower powder and 7 pieces of very old amulets from his altar to bring up the power of this amulet.This pita can help you ward off evil spirit, black magic and protect you against danger, including the knife wounds!!!Very suitable for people who are working in police force, army or security line.

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