Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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WELCOME TO Ah Teck Thai Gallery

I created this blog is to share with you the experiences and the magical effect of Archan Kitsubani holy items.

Archan Kitsubani, is famous in making ATTRACTIONS, WEALTH, SOUL amulets (especially: Kumantong).

When he was at his age of 10. He started learning Thai spell and witchcraft from a Thai monk in Cambodia. And when the first monk passed away. There are two other Archan who are from Laos and Cambodia continue teaching him in regardless of the Thai religious.
RIGHT NOW, he is one of the famous Archan in SIngapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Hongkong, Taiwan and China.

All of his holy items are hand made, and special ingredients like: bones ashes, corpse oil, corpse flesh are added, in order to bring the spiritual effect to the TOP!!! Most importantly , master made very LESS quantity EACH TIME. And this is why Archan Kitsubani's amulets are so RARE, LIMITED and STRONG.

I collected most of his amulets because of the limited pieces produced and the effectiveness of his amulets.

I could say that all things started from FATE (Yuan Fen), I remembered that somewhere in September 2006, I went to visit Archan Kitsubani in Cambodia and I noticed that there is a very old piece of wealth amulet from his altar. He told me that it is called the "Iper of Wealth" I soon fell in love with that piece of rare amulet .I decided to invite it from master. Master also teaches me a secret katha for the Iper of wealth. This is the first time I am inviting amulet from him

When I reaches Singapore, as soon as I close my eyes and start chanting.Guess what???I could feel a COLD chill down my spine!!! Till now I will never forget that strange feeling. I still remember that when I close my eyes , I managed to see an image of a blue light rising from an altar. And that night I confessed it to master and he told me that it is the Spiritual Power of the amulet. I am quite amazed because it is simply too FAST and Unbelievable!!!

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